What has COVID-19 taught us about how to respond to, and resource girls and young feminists? In the eye of the storm of this pandemic, girls and young feminists are showing up with the bravery, resilience and organising power they bring to all of their activism.

As the state and traditional agencies retreated, and lockdowns took hold across the world, girls and young feminists have been responding and organising in their communities. …

There is an urgent need to move money quickly, inclusively, and locally so that girls and their allies can meaningfully participate in the Generation Equality process beyond the Paris Forum. This must be coupled with non-financial support, intergenerational collaboration and more sustainable resourcing that enables them to participate meaningfully. Funding must be directed to girl- and youth-led groups. This recommendation is from the Young Feminist Manifesto which we fully support.

The 25th anniversary of the historic Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action is an opportunity for generations to come together to drive investment and action for gender equality and girls’…

By Dr. Carol Labor, Purposeful Senior Advisor — Collective Care.

“Bloom where you are. Bloom despite the weeds and grow tall and beautiful anyways. Bloom where you are even if you wish you were elsewhere. Take in all of the light when the sun is shining and know that the rain is necessary when it’s not. Know that everything you need to bloom is right inside of you — you already have the strength and capability to grow. Nourish your body and take care of your mind. Keep learning and growing. Let your true colors shine. Bloom.” Nikki Banas


Head of Advocacy and Movement Building — Nicky Spencer-Coker and Daughter.

Today April 22, 2021, Purposeful is joining partners and allies in Sierra Leone to observe #TakeYourDaughterToWorkDaySL. This day is adopted from the international Bring Your Daughter to Work Day created in New York City in 1992 by among others, the feminist author and leader, Marie C. Wilson.

The #TakeYourDaughterToWorkDaySL is set aside to give girls in Sierra Leone a glimpse into the working world of their parents or caregivers, supporting their imagination and cultivating their feminist thinking on leadership and career opportunities. …

By Rosa Bransky and Chernor Bah, Co-founders of Purposeful.

Chernor Bah and Rosa Bransky

We are Chernor Bah and Rosa Bransky and we are co-founders and co-leaders of Purposeful. Prompted by a panel we joined on love, liberation and leadership, we have finally put pen to paper to share reflections on 4 years of co-leadership and a decade of comradeship. We have wanted to write this forever and have never quite managed to find the words. We were joking as we began to reflect and write that no Human Resources department would have ever paired us with each other. There is definitely something magical, almost…

By Josephine Kamara, Purposeful Advocacy Manager

Quotes from our Purposeful Team after a week of Radical Rest

When my mother noticed that I stayed home a whole week without doing anything work-related, she thought I had been laid-off work. I took the time to explain to her that I am on a Radical Rest, but that left her even more confused.

It was the same reaction she gave the first time I got a full-time work contract with Purposeful. After giving birth to my daughter (who is now three years old), I took a maternity leave, and a month into that my mother asked me, “Are you sure the position will…

Karo Kura Resilience Fund is part of the Purposeful led Global Resilience Fund — a crisis response funding partnership between social justice funders who are committed to supporting girls and young women through the COVID-19 crisis.

Gbortima Ladies In Development

Gbortima Ladies in Development was established in 2019 in Moyamba District to respond to the needs of girls in the community. A group of 30 girls between the ages of 10–24 came together to support teenage mothers and their babies, orphans and children living with disabilities. Group members also put their resources together to support another member of the group to start a business that supports more girls. They supply girls with pads, school materials, baby things and foodstuffs. They also have mentoring sessions for teen mothers. The Fund is strengthening their support for girls.


Josephine Kamara

Twenty-six groups led by girls and young women in Sierra Leone have received grants between 10,000,000–50,000,000 leones (1,000–5,000 dollars) to support bold and creative approaches towards responding to the COVID-19 crisis. These awards are made as part of the Purposeful led Global Resilience Fund — a crisis response funding partnership between social justice funders that are committed to supporting girls and young women through the COVID-19 crisis. The global funds have reached 37 other formal and informal girl-led groups in Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

This Fund totalling 1.4 billion leones will contribute to ongoing work by recipients…

By Saidu Bah

On a hot sunny evening at Mafurka, a tiny village in the remote Mountains of Tonkolili District in northern Sierra Leone, Mabinty Gbla a 13-year-old school girl speaks proudly with a smile for knowing she will no longer be worried about getting cut during her initiation into the Bondo society — an all female secret society ceremony that involves Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which customarily happens during the month of December in her village.

UNICEF estimates that 90% of Sierra Leonean women are subjected to genital mutilation.

The Sierra Leone Government in March banned female genital mutilation…

Raising awareness of the increase in domestic violence amid the COVID-19 health crisis in Puntland, Somalia

A blog by Hawa Feminist Coalition

Gender-based violence (GBV) increases during every type of emergency — whether economic crises, conflict or disease outbreaks. Pre-existing toxic social norms and gender inequalities, as well as economic and social stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an increase of GBV, particularly in the camps where internally displaced persons (IDPs), some of them the most vulnerable people of our society, are housed.

The increase in gender-based violence since the outbreak of COVID-19 can be attributed directly…


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