Karo Kura Reflections from a National Radio DJ

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Clifford Walker, a DJ from Radio Democracy 98.1 shares his personal view and experience of airing Karo Kura Konection and Kompin in conversation with Victoria Ballah, Programme Coordinator and Isha Abis Kamara, Production Officer.

You’ve been playing Karo Kura Konnection and Kompin for over two years now, what has this experience been like for you?

When I received the first episode of the show, I sent it to my phone to listen to it and I quickly realised the drama is one-of-a-kind and the stories are different and relatable — made up of educational and real-life issues that happen every day, especially the ways men treat girls and women. So, airing and listening to this drama and talk show has helped me get a different perspective on treating women and girls, and has improved my knowledge regarding these issues. I realise this show is made for everyone, not just for girls.

Which is your favourite character in the radio drama, and why?

Yaema, is my favourite character in the drama. She motivates other young girls. For example, I remember Yaema wanted to learn how to ride a motorbike but her mother asked what will happen if she fails the riding test? She told her mom she will learn again and will not give up. So someone that is conscious will learn a lesson from Yaemah’s story and know that when you fail, you should try again. In the end, Yaemah became successful in her bike business.

Which series so far has inspired you the most?

I think the series on My Body, My Choice. The reason this is my favourite series is because I have a daughter, and my wife and I have taught her so many things already at five years old. There was a day my wife had a blood stain and my daughter commented that her mother had hurt herself. Due to the episode on menstrual care that my wife listened to, she explained to my daughter that it is okay and that menstruation happens to every woman and when she comes of age, she will experience it too.

Who else in your life listens to the talk show and drama?

My 83 year old mother. There was a time when I was not at work and the show was not aired at the appropriate time. My mother called to enquire about what had happened and why the drama had not been aired. So she is really into the radio programme and because she listens to it, other people in our household usually come around and they listen together.

What do you think the drama is changing in its listeners?

The programme creates a lot of impact! For instance, if a man is in the habit of transactional sex, by listening to this drama, they will know that it should not be so, or if you are a man who is into beating women, you will also know that that is not a good thing. Women should always be encouraged and I value my relationship with my wife. My wife has also learned so much from this programme.

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