Take Your Daughter to Work Day Sierra Leone

Today April 22, 2021, Purposeful is joining partners and allies in Sierra Leone to observe #TakeYourDaughterToWorkDaySL. This day is adopted from the international Bring Your Daughter to Work Day created in New York City in 1992 by among others, the feminist author and leader, Marie C. Wilson.

The #TakeYourDaughterToWorkDaySL is set aside to give girls in Sierra Leone a glimpse into the working world of their parents or caregivers, supporting their imagination and cultivating their feminist thinking on leadership and career opportunities. Girls will see and interact with strong women at work, with the goal that they learn that they can be and do whatever they imagine.

The whole experience will be an interactive learning session for girls to ask questions that matter to them, participate in hands-on activities and spend time shadowing their parents and colleagues at Purposeful- where 95% of employees and the leadership are feminist women. And yes, they will also participate in fun activities- a feature of our workspace and culture at Purposeful.

Through this initiative, we are nurturing tomorrow’s feminist leaders and #BossLadies today — in the ways we are learning and imagining with them so that they will be well equipped to push us all a little further towards liberation.



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